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Details From Aisyah (Adequan is Out Of Stock)

nice fun emails to forward

I have received the following e-mail from someone that I don’t know. Her name is Aisyah Anne Rose Myre (maybe it’s a fake name). It’s not so nice or fun but you can make fun of it. All contents are kept original.
Her nice photo (fake photo?)

Details from Aisyah

Aisyah Anne Rose Myre
to me

show details 3:03 AM (10 hours ago)

Dear friend

How are you, hope your fine, actually, i had accident with my car while driving to work, though i don't have any fraction during the accident, i was admitted in the hospital, for properly checked, but my point now is that i can not be able to fly because my doctor said so, i can be able to fly in 4 months time.

i normally come to Malaysia to buy a medicine use in treat horses called Adequan, I normally buy these medicine in Malaysia from a lady at the cost of 2400 us dollar per carton and sell to my company at the cost of 5600 us dollars per carton, and i make the profit of 3200 us dollars per carton supplied.

Right now these products is out of stock in my company and they need it very urgently, but i can not give them the Malaysia lady contact because if i do, they will be buying from her and cut me off, and i will not be able to make the profit from the products.

So this what i want you to do, I will give you the Malaysian lady contact number you will call her and purchase the products from her at the cost of 2400 us dollars per carton, then i will give my company your contact number so that thy will fly directly to your country and buy the products from you at the cost of 5,600 us dollars per carton. my company demand of this products is from 10 to 100 cartons

My company boss is ready to fly once i give them the seller contact, please honey i want you to handle this business supply very well, because this a continues supply. so honey can i trust you in this business.

Let me know if there is anything you want to know about this supply ok

I will be waiting to read from you


And this is my reply:-)

--- On Wed, 4/28/10, bread wrote:

From: bread
Subject: Re: Details from Aisyah
To: "Aisyah Anne Rose Myre"
Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 5:20 PM

ok, honey ...what should i do now?

Her immediate reply (haha…):

More Details from Aisyah Reply
Aisyah Anne Rose Myre

to me
show details Apr 29 (2 days ago)

My Dear .

I got your mail, how many cartons of these products can you buy from the malay lady, as you know this cash business.this supply is very urgent because my boss told me that he is ready to fly and purchase this products. so let me know how many cartons of the these products you can be able to purchase.

after you have made the supply to my company, for each carton of the products we will make 3200 us dollaar profit, am not worried about my share, but if you will not cut me off after you made the supply. please i want you to reasure me that you will send my own share to me after you made the supply to boss on his arrival in Malaysia.

I will give you the malay lady contact in your next reply, so you will call her and buy the products from her and resell to my company boss.

Don't forget the prize you will buy from the malay lady which is 2400 us dollars per carton and resell to my company boss 5600 us dollars per carton.

Please reply immediately to know how many carton you can afford to buy so that i will inform my company to preper Purchase Order and Modality for you.

I will like to know the quantity of the products the products you will afford to purchase, and we need to discuss the percentage you will give me from the profit made.

Please provides me with the following
1, your full name.
2, your contact number.
3, your contact address.

As soon as you give me all this information, i will send you the malay lady contact for your conmmunications


1) My company pay cash immediately on the spot of delivery for any quantity ordered, this is where you have to arrange properly about the availability of the products before our arrival. So you need to purchase this product by your self and keep it ready for my company Boss.

2) The product is in a small carton, contents of 10 bottles each; with this name (ADEQUAN) it’s a legal tender. And it’s from the Malaysian lady that I used to buy this product. It is not against the law of any country.

3) I have been coming to Malaysia for the purchase and each time that I came, I will called the attention of the Malaysian lady the sole-dealer, and She will supply it to me and I pay her off immediately and arrange for my going back to London as it is a hand carry and so you will follow the same way. Once my company boss in Malaysia, he will give you a call and you will inform him where he have to come for you to supply the products to him

4) The products has no effect in handling.

5) I want you to tell me how many cartons of this product you can buy for a start so that the company will prepare a Purchase Order (PO) in your name.

6) All relevant documents will be issued by our company management.
Please give me your contact postal addres. and the company will need your Full name and Address (office/home) to prepare the PO in your favor.

Am waiting for yuor urgent reply


Haha …no more reply from me. I’m very busy and I know she’s trying to cheat me. Don’t believe me? Read the following story:

1. (Note: use Google features to translate this article).
2. medivet-veterinary-group-fake-product-scam

Have a nice day! - from nice fun emails to forward.

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