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Another nice fun emails to forward.

It was forwarded by Eric Koo.
Happy reading!

Fw: NEW TOILET OPENING CEREMONY!!!! (bukit bintang) Isnin, 22 Januari, 2007 23:54

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From: Suet Mun
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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2007 2:18 PM
Subject: Fw: NEW TOILET OPENING CEREMONY!!!! (bukit bintang)

Today is a very meaningful day, because the only new advance toilet in our country is opening, we are becoming the international city.

not I said one, don't beat me, our respectful DPM said one
road blocked! Whole Malaysia is waiting for this historical moment..
我们敬爱的联邦直辖区的老大也到了(他对我笑哦 ~~ 真荣幸!)。。。还有一大堆大人物。。。
our respectful KL tai luo is here too (he is smiling at me o~~ very honor! )… and bunch of tua liap lang

*副首相到步!排场大, 4辆保镖车。。如果首相在,我相信他也会来参加这光荣的时刻。。。。
DMP is arriving! Very grand, 4 bodyguard cars.. if PM is here, I believe he would join this proud moment too…

Our respectful DPM gave speech, he said we Malaysia is moving towards to new era. Start from this high tech toilet.

The toilet captain having most attention today.. got left and right bodyguard…

我们敬爱的副首相和市长等人手一按开幕光球。。炮竹响起!新纪元正式来临!马来西亚 boleh!!!
Our respectful DMP, governor and etc push "opening light" ball .. firecracker start! New era starts from now! Malaysia boleh!!!

在那里,遇到 2个老外(夫妻)。看到现场非常震撼,觉得好奇。
我说: "公共厕所开张 "。
老公有些修为,没笑反而问: "有特别吗? "
我说: "高科技,自动清洗。我们的副首相等会儿来开幕。 "
俩老外听了。。勉强微笑说: "oh..i See, very Interesting...."
Side story:
There, met 2 ang mo(husband and wife). They were very shocked to see this live, and curious.

They asked me, what are you all doing?

I answered: "Opening of public toilet".

The wife laughed…

The husband was behaved, asked me without laughing: "any special?"

I said:"high tech, auto cleaning. Our DPM will open it in a short while."

Both after listening.. reluctantly smiled and said: " oh..i See, very Interesting...."

门是自动门,时间到还没 �shy;完就自己保重吧。。。
Door is automated one, time's up and not yet finished; then take care yourself la…

Here has nothing special. Only for changing pampers for baby.

The aircon is big horse power in this small room .. maybe cold until shit cannot come out..

最主要的是。。。 每次用完,墙壁,地板,马桶板会自动清洗。。。。。
Toilet bowls is still ok, hotel type, floor is Italy batu..
Most important is … every time it used, wall, floor, toilet bowls will automatically clean…..

Note: pampers = diapers
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